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Wasting life



I'm ready to go outside
With the night in my pocket
Driving me across the city veins
I will take the moment, another time
I'll go where the time fades out
Waiting for the last trip
Lost lifes, lies shot
Lost faults, lost souls.
Fat Mike is inside a bar
Live fast, die fun yeah!!
Fugazi will play tonight
Steady diet of nothing
Follow the girl in the red dress
She'll go to the last dance
White skin, black eyes
White feels, black mind.
We are now in the waiting room
Seeing us throw the window
Joe Strummer is by my side
Be aware, wake up yeah!
I'm ready to go inside
Our strength
Will light your paths
Blood boils, brain burns
Our chance, your voice!
L'art de desaparèixer - Portada

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