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Black Panther

Orgull de Classe


You are not a niece of uncle Sam.
You are just a street kid black and proud.
You are not an American patriot.
You are a working class warrior.

You will never forget your roots,
you know they and them know you:
white bourgeois want to stop your fight
but police, nazis and drugs are not enough.

They are happy because they know
They are oppressing your brothers; they smile:
they are not living in the suburb ;
they snear when they think of Mumia Abu Jamal;
so now it's time to make them cry!

Black Panther means black comunis,
another Vietnam inside the USA.
Black Panther means "fuck racism",
fighting all night, working all day.
Black Panther means "start your fight,
smash those fucking bastards that you hate".
Black Panther Party is alive,
so does W.P Newton in your hearts.
Assumint la veu - Portada
  • CançóBlack Panther
  • LletraOrgull de Classe
  • MúsicaOrgull de Classe
  • AltresTema en anglès
  • Cançó en un altre idioma
  • Durada 02:20
  • ÀlbumAssumint la veu
  • Any2016
  • DiscogràficaAutoedició

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