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Years from Home

Miquel Serra


Plain people in our mind it's all about us
And we're old again, we're old again
I'm going to my room and all the cars
Are white in this town, are white in this town
Today I've been told off but I didn't want to argue
So I took no notice, so I took no notice
There's a long haired man in my house that he asks me
"where is your dog?"
"I've never had a dog"

to knock at some friend's door and feel relieved
when find out he's not home, it's easyer than being alone
scratch the label with unfocused sight
so I'm on my way, I'm going grown so hard
Opilions - Portada
  • CançóYears from Home
  • AltresTema en anglès
  • Cançó en un altre idioma
  • Durada 03:10
  • ÀlbumOpilions
  • Any2009
  • DiscogràficaAutoedició

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