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Bitter Is the Wind



Bitter is the wind

The sky was darkened into the sea
as far away as the eye can see
The storm would bring us calm and peace
before the northmen came to kill

The Irish shoreline was attacked
so many times back in the past
A swarm of ships that came from hell
the storm will stop them all

Bitter is the wind tonight,
white the tresses of the sea.
I have no fear, the viking hordes
will sail, on such a night.

So many dragons of the sea
they came here carried by the wind
to steal our gold to steal our lands
we’ll face them all until the end

The fiercest warriors ever seen
they seemed to not fear anything
they frightened towns across the seas
only the storm could bring us peace

The skies have turned into black
the waves like mountains deep and dark
the stormy wind is one of us
so do not fear
In nomine patris
et filii, et spiritus sancti

From the fury of the northmen
deliver us, oh lord
our lord !
Saga - Portada
  • CançóBitter Is the Wind
  • Cançó en un altre idioma
  • Durada 03:44
  • ÀlbumSaga
  • Any2019
  • DiscogràficaAutoedició

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