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Telepath Lover



Is it any better if I think of you all the time
do you hear your ring tone when I look at you name just about to call
Did you get my message that I sent to you straight from my mind
things are getting tough and tougher hope that you don't mind


Wouldn't it be better if we got to talk once in a while
your voice and your face are suddenly fading after all this...time
now even if you don't respond I will feel you're on line
this and that, show you my thoughts and think that I'll get your

Fang - Portada
  • CançóTelepath Lover
  • LletraPau Guillamet
  • MúsicaPau Guillamet
  • AltresTema en anglès
  • Cançó en un altre idioma
  • Durada 04:14
  • ÀlbumFang
  • Any2011
  • DiscogràficaBankrobber

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