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Small steps for big roads



That was the day when I guessed that everything
you want to achieve
is so far from here.
I was convinced that luck would accompany me,
that would open the doors
and build my destiny.

I want to be nursed in the arms of my mother
I wish the road was flat
and shady.

Walking, walking to get there.

I get up very early and I prepare my backpack.
The cool breeze in the morning
spurred me.
I let my steps lead me to unknown paths
I let the rain
wash my face.

Any way is good if at last you find peace
and beauty.
I must be the one
Who gets there.

Walking, walking to get there.
Small steps for big roads.
Fireplace - Portada
  • CançóSmall steps for big roads
  • Cançó en un altre idioma
  • Durada 04:15
  • ÀlbumFireplace
  • Any2016
  • DiscogràficaAutoedició

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