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No reason why



The doors were open when we first met,
so full of dreams, so young and free.
There were no chains that would prevent us
from having fun while trying hard to find our way.

Confusion never really mattered,
we never really made out what (it) was that
lay beyond a blurry future
that might be gray, might be bright, but never dark.

That was a time quite far away
but now we've settled in a place
where everything seems to be great.
We're doing fine and yet we know
that there is always something missing with no reason why

The growns would say 'be realistic'
and we would look at them and disagree,
'cause even though it wasn't easy
we were sure that we would try and might succeed.

That was a time...

We had our chances and our diversions.
sometimes there are too many open doors,
and some may thing we took the wrong way,
but who knows, that's what taking risks involves,
and so it goes...

That was a time...
Darrere la porta... - Portada

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