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I've been trying to focus lately on things that keep me busy without you
and i've been making up excuses for not working, staying home the whole day through.
I've been lying all day in bed, i've been tired, i've been bored and i've been scared.
I've been looking out the window as the weather gets worse, day after day.

And while you're away, you're doing your thing, i've locked myself at home.
Turn on the tv, watch a movie, keeping tight in my hands
the remote control.

It'll be a rough night, i'm not brave,
i'll never make it through next day,
'cause i'm locked inside, bringing myself down
instead of lying in the sun.


I've been contemplating lately how my chances for the future are flying by.
I guess i kinda need to change this whole perception of this period in my life.
So i get dressed put on my shoes, i wash my face,
open the door, stare at the world.
The sun is up there's light outside, i feel the air on my skin,
i won't go back in time again.

It'll be a rough night, but i'm brave,
i'm gonna make it through the day
even though you're far, we're not worlds apart
i'm gonna put my fears away (x2)


Today i'm waking up early 'cause i know that soon you'll be back home for good.
Darrere la porta... - Portada

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